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              We specialized in producing Pharmaceutical of antibiotics, pharmaceutical intermediates and other fine chemical products. Main products include Polymyxin B sulphate (current EP and USP); Bacitracin(USP35); Zinc Bacitracin(USP35);Fusidic acid;Sodium fusidate;G418 Sulfate / Geneticin.
              Zinc Bacitracin
              Polymyxin B sulphate
            (current EP and USP)
              Fusidic acid
            Yancheng YouHua Pharmaceutical & Chemical  Technology
            Co., Ltd.
            was established in December 2002, located in the
            Binhai Yanhai Pharmaceutical  & Chemical Industrial Park of
            Yancheng city. We occupy 50 acres and more than 200 staff
            and  more than 32 technical staff, with the total sales amount
            more than RMB 80 million. We are the large-scale high-tech manufacturer focusing on the R & D, production, sales....